8 stainless steel tanks used for the process of lixiviation of a Copper Mine facility near the city of Antofagasta, Northern Chile. These were modeled, analyzed and assessed under several load conditions including seismic loads as per the National Building Code of Chile, NCh 433. Modeling and analysis were also done based on the latest research on the dynamics of circular tanks under hydro-dynamic loading conditions. Several effects were studied and reported to the client in order to proceed with seismic retrofit solutions such as local buckling of plates, connections at the foundation and interaction with the piping system.  The study was part of a major study performed by ALPA Engineers for the tank providers Outotec.

Team: Dr. Freddy Pina (PBRV) and Dr. Silvana Comminetti (USACH), Paulina Gonzalez (USACH) and ALPA.
Tools: Sap 2000, Matlab


Seismic Analysis and Assessment of Lixiviation Plant Tanks for Escondida Mining Operations