PBRV has been working for the local structural engineering firm Glotman Simpson to develop guidelines and procedures for the performance-based design of reinforced concrete towers on the coast of the U.S, eg. San Diego, Los Angeles and Seattle. PBRV has been involved from the preliminary design, to the plan check process of several projects in California. The main task of PBRV has been the development of complex nonlinear models, parallel computing, development of post-processing
tools, reporting, peer review process and the design of several components. One of the main outcomes of this joint effort was the definition of an industrialized process for a performance-based design approach with clear standards and guidelines for the internal development of such complex projects’ analysis & design.

Team: Dr. Freddy Pina (PBRV) and Glotman Simpson U.S operations.
Tools: PERFORM 3D, Etabs, Sap2000, Matlab, Batch tools, Web-based development tools.

Tall Building Cali

Performance-based Seismic Design of Tall Buildings in California